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St. Joseph Homestead Podcast #2: How To Plant Fall Potatoes

At the beginning of each episode I tell you what's the seasonal action going on here at the farm. This week, it's potato-planting season.

Potatoes like cooler weather so here in the south we can only plant them in early spring and late fall. Middle of August is a good time to plant fall potatoes. September is probably too late.

But fall potato planting isn't very common, because in most places it's not possible and even here you won't get as high of a yield as your spring crop. And for this reason, farm stores aren't selling seed potatoes right now.

If you grew potatoes in the spring and saved some for seed in the fall then you're all set. If you didn't then there's an easy solution for the home gardener who wants to try planting a few pounds.

Find out all the details in this week's episode.

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  • Thanks for the potato growing lesson. I’ve never planted them that way and hope to try it next year when I get my garden up and running.

    Karyn Sims

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