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New Podcast!

We've been doing weekly emails for a while now, but it's time to add audio to the game! Introducing a weekly podcast featuring farm stories, an inside look at upcoming harvests, plus gardening and homesteading tips.

In this first episode we talk about what it was like having a new calf born on the homestead, what the crops are doing in this continuing hot weather, and we answer some gardening questions sent in by one of our Fall Gardening Workshop guests.

For feedback, requests, and questions, send an email to trey@stjosephhomestead.com



  • Any container can be used, but has to be able to drain. So a plastic egg carton for example would need holes poked into the bottom of each cell.

    Trey Johnson
  • Podcast is a great idea. Congratulations on the new calf. Can any type of seed be germinated in an egg carton? Also, any particular type of egg carton?

    Gab Landry
  • So happy to hear Honey had her calf. How exciting. I saw the progress on your home and am also excited for guys.
    Great podcast and thanks for answering those questions, I’ve not had good luck with seeds and your information may help. Thanks

    Karyn Sims
  • LOVE IT!
    You guys voices are very calming. 😊


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