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St. Joseph Homestead Podcast #4: Miracle Mosquito Mist


Lucy co-hosts in this episode and we talk about insect repellent, cover crops, a new employee, and medieval weapons.


  • I enjoyed this podcast! Great job, Lucy!! I wrote down the recipe for Kristin’s “Miracle Mosquito Mist.” Can’t wait to try it.

    Karen Meaux
  • Loved listening to your co-host, Lucy, in this MMM podcast.
    Did I understand correctly , add 60 drops each of the 4 essential oils to the witch hazel??
    Thanks for the info

  • Great podcast Trey and Lucy!

    Gail Breaux
  • Enjoyed listening- Lucy did a great job- sweet little voice. Happy to have recipe for mosquito mist. God bless y’all.

    Lisa Cornay Roberts

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