Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy your produce?
You may have bought our produce before, or you may have had a friend tell you about us. While we used to sell to grocery stores, restaurants, and individuals in the Lafayette area, we currently only sell to a distributor. Our distributor is based in New Orleans and only sells our produce to restaurants.

Why did you close your online store?
Many factors were at play, including economics, family time, and some short- and long-term goals. While it was an immense honor and pleasure to grow food for the people of Acadiana, the primary reason for our farm is to provide for our family. Our current set-up is the best situation for our family right now.

Are you going to have any more gardening classes?
There are currently no gardening classes scheduled. I created this website to post my gardening handbooks, Q&As, seasonal reminders, and other information in a public place, so that all can benefit from it whenever it’s needed. In-person gardening classes can help, at most, 30 people at a time. This website can be used by anyone in South Louisiana, and even beyond our state.

Do you offer consulting services?
No. Or $1000/hour. Whichever one sounds best to you.

I don’t live in Lafayette, LA. Can I use any of your gardening information?
Any information that has to do with temperatures, humidity levels, planting dates, crop varieties, etc. is only applicable to those on the Gulf Coast in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 9A.

Are you Amish?