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Coffee - Decaf (Whole Bean)

Coffee - Decaf (Whole Bean)

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During the hot summer months, Trey really only drinks decaf coffee (need to avoid dehydration). This dark roast tastes like chocolate. Really! Perfect any time of day and especially with something sweet.

Dark Roasted. Swiss Process Decaf. 12 oz. bag


Hunt's is the only coffee we drink at The St. Joseph Homestead!

100% organic, high grown, fresh roasted coffee.

High Grown - Higher quality coffee is produced at higher elevations. The best-tasting and most nutritious is grown on mountain tops. You don't get the flavor or the nutrient profile with coffee grown at lower altitudes. Big coffee companies blend the high grown (expensive) with the low grown (cheap) to cut costs. Hunt's uses only high grown coffee beans with no cheap low grown filler beans.

Fresh Roasted - Every bag of Hunt's Perfect Roast Coffee is roasted fresh to order. How old is the coffee you get at the grocery store or online? Nobody knows. It could be MONTHS old! After about three weeks from the roast date, coffee has lost much of its flavor and nutrition.